Connecting domains

NAVIGATION  Left navigation menu > Settings > Domains

SECURITY  Standard, Sales, and Purchasing roles cannot have the settings check box selected - only admin users can access settings.

You can add a new custom domain to your account. Once a custom domain is added and validated, Kaseya Quote Manager will redirect you and your organizations to the new domain and automatically log you and your organizations in. Only one custom domain can be added through the UI. If you want to change your custom domain, you must log a support ticket in accordance with the messaging in the UI.

This article explains options available for connecting both your site and email domains to Kaseya Quote Manager.

Site domains

Although Kaseya issues you an individual URL for your platform, we recommend you use your own domain.

What are root domains and subdomains?

  • Root domains are what you purchase when buying a domain. You need to buy a root domain before you can add subdomains.

    EXAMPLE  An example of a root domain is

  • Subdomains are additions to the root domain.

    EXAMPLE  Common examples of subdomains are www or shop, which creates and, respectively.

You can connect a root domain or a subdomain to Kaseya Quote Manager.

Email domains

Emails sent from your Kaseya Quote Manager domain might get caught in spam. Therefore, we recommend you use your own domain so that system notifications to your organizations are properly delivered.

You can add more than one email domain.

Email domains send fail notifications

If you send an email through Kaseya Quote Manager that bounces, you'll receive an automated email that includes an error message. This email notification is sent to the original sender, either yourself or your Company email.

To configure your Company email address, from the left navigation menu, click Settings > Company details and navigate to the Basic information section at the top of the page.

Common sending errors include the following:

  • The recipient's email address is invalid.
  • The recipient's mail server is offline.
  • The recipient's email server marked the email as spam or has blocked Kaseya Quote Manager as a sender.

You can test your emails for false spam positives.

How to...

Where to go for help

If you encounter problems or need help pointing your custom domain to Kaseya Quote Manager, contact your DNS provider’s support team. The Kaseya Quote Manager support team can provide only limited assistance, as every DNS provider is different.