January 25, 2024

Kaseya Quote Manager release notes

The Kaseya Quote Manager team is excited to announce the following improvements:

Kaseya Quote Manager domain changes

The following Kaseya Quote Manager domain name changes come into effect from February 01, 2024:

Area OLD domain name NEW domain name Comment
Tenants using the default domain *.mydattocommerce.com *.mykaseyaquotemanager.com This change is backward compatible with the previous domain redirecting to the new. All previous links (such as any quote links sent) will also redirect. Tenants using a custom domain are unaffected.
Default outbound email address post.dattocommerce.com post.kaseyaquotemanager.com Email from the Provisioning system always comes from the default domains. Tenants using a custom email domain are unaffected.
Default inbound email address for product feeds
productfeeds.dattocommerce.com productfeeds.kaseyaquotemanager.com This change is backward compatible.
api.dattocommerce.com api.kaseyaquotemanager.com This change is backward compatible.
Provisioning web application
signup.dattocommerce.com signup.kaseyaquotemanager.com This change is backward compatible.
Redirect web application
redirect.dattocommerce.com redirect.kaseyaquotemanager.com This change is backward compatible.