Advanced fraud detection

To help prevent fraudulent orders, Kaseya Quote Manager supports TeleSign SMS code verification and Stripe protection for online transactions. You can detect and enforce fraud detection via the following indicators:

  • IP address location
  • order velocity (too many orders from the same IP address or for the same product in the past few hours)
  • TeleSign phone authentication failure, if enabled

How to...

Other protections against fraud

  • Once you've configured TeleSign and Stripe, check the risk notifications they provide upon sales order approval (with warning for all overseas orders).
  • Take care with transactions delivered to any address where no one will be physically present to receive the package. Whenever possible, do not leave orders on a doorstep.
  • When it comes to new organizations, we recommend shipping only to business addresses.
  • If an order seems suspicious, don't second-guess yourself. Follow your company's fraud prevention protocols.

Restricting website visibility

Kaseya Quote Manager automatically checks the organization's IP address and warns you if the order was placed from an IP outside of your business region.

All orders placed from an overseas IP address require manual approval. Refer to Approving sales orders.

To block the visibility of your website outside of your business region, consider using a third-party script from an IP blocking application, such as Geo Targetly. From the left navigation menu, click Settings > Preferences and enter the JavaScript code.