Approving sales orders

NAVIGATION  Left navigation menu > Sales > Draft tile

SECURITY  Kaseya Quote Manager internal users assigned to the Purchasing role have view-only access to quotes and sales orders. To manage user roles and permissions, refer to Team.

Organization-placed orders and organization accepted quotes require approval under the following conditions. The conditions marked with an asterisk (*) apply to orders created by Kaseya Quote Manager internal users, as well.

  • The order or accepted quote exceeds the auto-approval threshold.
  • NOTE  Set your Automatic-approval threshold. Kaseya Quote Manager automatically approves all orders below this monetary value.

  • A manual (prepaid) payment method was selected at checkout.*
  • The order margin is negative.*
  • The IP address used to place the order isn't valid.
  • NOTE  Refer to Advanced fraud detection for information about how to protect your business from fraud.

  • Too many similar orders were placed in a short time frame.
  • The delivery address is a P.O. box. Many suppliers cannot drop ship to a P.O. box.

If a sales order contains a product that is obsolete or has been deleted, then the sales order cannot be approved.

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