January 30, 2024

Kaseya Quote Manager release notes

The Kaseya Quote Manager team is excited to announce the following improvements:


Require Log In with KaseyaOne for Unified Login

You can now force users to log in to Kaseya Quote Manager with their KaseyaOne Unified Login only. Learn more

Just-in-time provisioning for Unified Login

Just-in-time provisioning for Unified Login is now available. Enabling this feature for your Kaseya Quote Manger integration with KaseyaOne ensures that user accounts will automatically be created with a specified default role when new KaseyaOne users are granted access to Kaseya Quote Manager. Learn more


Quote Reminders

Quote Reminder has been pluralized — to Quote Reminders — on the left navigation menu.

Send Reminders

The Send Reminders toggle switch appears on quotes only if you configure one of the reminder rule options on the Settings > Quote Reminders page, otherwise it is hidden. Learn more

Terms of Service

Customers must now read and agree to the terms and conditions set by their MSP before accepting a quote. As a result, MSPs can rest assured that their customer has reviewed and acknowledged their Terms of Service. Learn more

Common look and feel enhancements

We've made some changes to the common look and feel of Kaseya Quote Manager in an effort to make all of our Kaseya IT Complete solutions look and feel similar. For example, we updated the following UI components: Kaseya Quote Manager page, form and section banners including the formatting for the following components: Title: Information, Success, Warning, Error, and Spinner.