Standard product feed importer

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Facilitate SKU management for suppliers for which a product feed importer is not currently available in Kaseya Quote Manager.

NOTE  Refer to Supplier integrations and product feeds to access individual configuration instructions for each supplier currently integrated with Kaseya Quote Manager. These suppliers do not require the standard product feed importer.

You should use the standard product feed importer if each of the following conditions applies:

  • You are importing your own products or products from a supplier that is not integrated with Kaseya Quote Manager.
  • You are importing a large number of SKUs (>200 or so).
  • You are regularly scheduling import or SKU management.

NOTE  To import SKUs that total fewer than a couple hundred per batch, use the bid import system. Refer to Bids and Configure-to-Order (CTO).

How to...

Maintaining your product feeds

Refer to Managing and monitoring supplier product feeds to learn how to do the following:

  • View product feed import history details.
  • Download a report of the latest product feed data.
  • Delete or make changes to a product feed importer.
  • Manually map a supplier's product categories to the appropriate categories in your Online Store for products that are not automatically maintained by GfK Etilize data.