Building a standard quote template

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SECURITY  Only Kaseya Quote Manager internal users assigned to the Admin role can access quote templates. To manage user roles and permissions, refer to Team.

Standard templates help you generate online quotes quickly and uniformly. Kaseya Quote Manager provides several pre-defined templates you can use or modify to meet your needs.

We recommend that you adopt a standard template for use across your organization. You can do so in a few easy steps.

How to...

Working with quotes

Once you have created a standard quote template, you're ready to start building and sending eye-catching, dynamic quotes.

Refer to Quoting from the Admin Center to learn how to do the following and more:

  • Offer specific products and services in a quote.
  • Link a quote to an opportunity or sales order.
  • View and restore previous versions of a quote.
  • Preview, save, and print a quote.
  • Send a quote to an organization.

Refer to Quoting from the Online Store to learn how to initiate a quote directly from items added to a cart in the Online Store.