Searching for products

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Effectively search for items so that you can help your organizations find what they're looking for and efficiently generate ecommerce sales.

For organization-focused instructions, refer to Online Store instructions for organizations.

The top of your Online Store features two tools you and your organizations can use to search for products and services: a search box and a product menu.

We recommend the following method for finding the product you're seeking:

  1. Select a relevant category and sub-category in the product menu bar. Refer to Adding and managing products and services and Map supplier categories to Kaseya Quote Manager for product category configuration instructions.

  2. From there, you can browse more specific categories and your featured products in those categories.
  3. Focus your results by selecting the check boxes that reflect the relevant product criteria.
  4. You'll see in-stock products and services related to your search. If needed, further filter your search in the following ways:
    • Toggle between In Stock products and All Stock.
    • Sort By any one of the following criteria:
      • Best Match (default)
      • Lowest Price
      • Highest Price
      • Newest
      • NOTE  These are products recently added to your range, such as those created from a recently updated supplier product feed. Even though these products may not be new on the market, they are new to your Online Store offerings.

      • Oldest

Search box

If you can't find what you're looking for, try typing a Model Number (also known as Manufacturer Part Number or MPN), Supplier Part Number (product code), Kaseya Quote Manager Part Number, any aspect of the product title, or brand. Press Enter on your keyboard to prompt the search.

Reviewing product information

Click any product listing to view availability, the description, images (click to enlarge and scroll through), specifications, related products and accessories, and more. Most of this information is driven by data managed in your Admin Center or fully automated based on GfK Etilize data. Refer to Adding and managing products and services and Adding suppliers and product feeds.

NOTE  You have the option to prevent Manufacturer Part Numbers from displaying in the Online Store and in quotes. Refer to Showing or hiding Manufacturer Part Numbers.

Checking product availability

To check supplier availability of a specific product, select the item and click View Stock.

NOTE  This feature is not visible to organizations.

The Stock locations window displays the following information for the product selected:

  • Location: supplier or warehouse
  • Part: Supplier Part Number (product code)
  • Stock: quantity of inventory in stock
  • Cost: cost of the product from this supplier or warehouse
  • Last updated: status and timing of the most recently updated supplier product feed

A red highlight indicates the supplier is Offline. To learn about turning a supplier online or offline, refer to Adjusting supplier status.

Sharing product listings

To share a product with staff members or organizations, copy the page's web address and paste it into an email or messaging app. Or, underneath the produce price, click the Share icon to select from a number of sharing options, the Email icon , or the Print icon .