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Your fully branded Online Store features your designated range of products and services for your organizations.

To learn how to offer a full range or a limited range of products in your Online Store, refer to Product range.

This article covers the basics of navigating your ecommerce platform and growing your sales.

Looking for a convenient way to teach your organizations about your Online Store? Share the Online Store instructions for organizations.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  Review the article Setting up your Online Store for resources on customizing your site and inviting your organizations to create accounts.

Navigating your Online Store

Growing your sales

Take advantage of opportunities to maximize your Online Store success:

Quoting and ordering in the Online Store

  • Refer to Searching for products to learn how to effectively pinpoint the most optimal products for your organizations and evaluate their availability.
  • Refer to Quoting from the Online Store to learn how to initiate a quote directly from products added to a cart.
  • Refer to Placing orders to learn how to edit pricing and execute checkout.